Hermes released 2018 autumn and winter new series

Wonderful and full of modern travel, Hermes released 2018 autumn and winter new series. In the summer, Shanghai’s “Hermes Home” has built a whimsical and elegant fun castle. New products such as bags, shoes, scarves and watch jewels collide with brightly colored blocks to form an eclectic style. The form opens the 2018 autumn and winter new modern journey. This season’s new creations are inspired by the infinite imagination inspired by the “playing fun” process. Stepping into the fourth floor of the ‘Hermes Home’, a green building block castle stands on the front, and the new Haut a courroies handbag inspired by Pop Art is in the doorway. The handbags are made of 47 pieces of leather in 11 colors. Exquisite craftsmanship with embroidery. The Mosa que au 24 handbag is inspired by the inlays of the Hermès store at 24 Fu Bao Avenue and is decorated with chic square buckles. In the male world, the hip-studded belt is contrasted with rough suede and 88 shiny metal rings. The calfskin derby shoes are inspired by Collier de chien jewels and are double-decorated with pyramids. Rivets also exude a rock-and-roll atmosphere. The equestrian, electronic, and wolverine patterns in the cashmere silk square show the inner world of men. In the warm and feminine world of women, the Kellyado backpack follows the design of the hand-free retourné, reinterpreting the design of Rena Dumas in 1996. The classic geometric and letter-patterned silk kerchiefs are given a new life here. The silk leather polo caps and skirts inspired by the ‘Blessing of God of War’ are unique, with a wide felt hat with many details, asymmetrical Contoured leather gloves guard the contemporary women who travel through the city. The autumn and winter ready-to-wear collections are mixed with a variety of fabrics. When resisting the cold wind, the stitching contrasts with a different charm, and the details that are carefully blended highlight the ingenuity. Among the jewellery pieces, the Kelly Cha?ne collection reinterprets the iconic buckle of the Kelly handbag with a set of chains; re-interpreting the classic Collier de chien design in rock style with rose gold and black spinel, a refreshing look Jewelry styling.

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