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Selling chocolate, opening a hotel, and co-branding may be the most exclusive luxury jewelry brand. Today, a new generation of luxury consumers are more focused on deeper interactive experiences. For luxury brands, cross-border cooperation is a way to attract more new generations of consumers. Bulgari, which has a number of product lines including jewelry, watches, leather goods and perfumes, is also involved in the two major industries of hotels and restaurants. Jean-Christophe Babin believes that cross-border brings a new perspective to Bulgari and inspires the brand’s creativity Cartier love bracelet replica Sale. In 2007, Bulgari opened its first IL Cioccolato chocolate boutique in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Just like the positioning of the brand, Bulgari’s chocolates are also luxurious and refined. The classic BVLGARI BVLGARI series is inspired by ancient round coins and engraved with the iconic Bulgari logo Imitation Cartier love bracelet, all handmade. Last year, the IL Cioccolato Chocolate Boutique opened to Dubai’s City Walk business district,

creativity Cartier love bracelet replica Sale.

offering top-of-the-line handmade chocolate gift boxes. As a pioneer in the luxury brand cross-border hotel industry, Bulgari also maintains a high profile in the hotel industry, and has no choice but to open six boutique hotels within 14 years. As early as 2014, Bulgari partnered with Marriott Hotels to open its first Bulgari hotel in Milan, Italy. Since then, Bulgari has opened new hotels in Bali and London. In 2017, Bulgari hotels in Beijing and Dubai also opened. Just in June of this year, Shanghai Bulgari Hotel opened its doors after 7 years of engineering, which is the sixth Bulgari hotel in the world Fake Cartier love bracelet. Perhaps for Bulgari, expanding the hotel layout is not the most important. How to leverage the hotel to communicate with more communities and expand the broader customer base is the key. It is reported that the Bulgari Hotel in Moscow will open in 2020, and the eighth and ninth Bulgari hotels have also been selected to be located in Paris and Tokyo.

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