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One day, in order to inspire his disciples, a Zen master gave his apprentice a stone, told him to go to the vegetable market, and tried to sell it. This stone is very large and beautiful. But Master said: ‘Don’t sell it, just try to sell it. Pay attention to observation, ask some people, and then just tell me how much it can sell in the vegetable market.’ The apprentice went to the vegetable market Imitation Cartier love bracelet, many people looked at the stone and thought : It can be a good little decoration, our children can play, or we can use it as a weighing scale. So they paid the price, but only a few small coins. The disciple went back and said: ‘It can only sell a few coins at most.’ Master said: ‘Now you go to the gold market

These people are great

and ask the people there. But don’t sell it, ask the price.’ From the gold market, this disciple Very happy, said: ‘. They are willing to pay 1000 yuan.’ Master said: ‘Now you go to the jeweler, but don’t sell it.’ The apprentice went to the jeweler again. He couldn’t believe it, they were willing to pay 50,000 yuan, he was not willing to sell, they continued to raise the price – they went out to 100,000. The apprentice said: ‘I don’t intend to sell it.’ They said: ‘We have 200,000, 300,000, or how much you want, as long as you sell!’ The apprentice said: ‘I can’t sell, I just ask the price.’ The apprentice can’t believe: ‘These people are crazy!’ He felt that the price of the vegetable market was enough. When the apprentice came back, Master took back the stone and said, ‘We don’t intend to sell it, but now you understand, this depends on you, see if you have touchstone and understanding Fake Cartier love bracelet. If you live in the vegetable market, then you only have that. With market understanding, you will never know higher values.’

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